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Iconic concept store located in Brera district - Milan.
Since 1990 CLAN UPSTAIRS has been a progressive retail concept, which includes a cozy cafe and a hidden courtyard. It is recognized for its authentic and alternative touch in the selection of brands.

CLAN UPSTAIRS is a store where the attention is not only focused on the customer’s shopping experience, but it is also a place where you can feel inspired by the environment. 

Every season we choose new brands and emerging labels to feature in the store, connecting new releases that already occupy a place in the international fashion sector. 

It's about going beyond the selection of products offering a multitude of engaging content, events and culture, presenting its own interpretation of contemporary, as well as creating innovative communication and content projects, thanks to an independent modern studio.



It's a creative concept based on several know-how in the fashion industry, with the aim to support interesting brands, creating a multitude of innovative communication and content projects and engaging events. A lively hub, with a forward-thinking approach, which is able to create unique collaborations for both customers and brands as well as strengthen the shopping experience.