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13 MAY 2024



The collaboration between the concept store Clan Upstairs concept and the ready-to-wear brand Weili Zheng continues. Clan Upstairs for the ss24 season created an all-female project in which 12 cosmopolitan women, belonging to different cultures, with their own style, expertise and attitude participated.

The experience included a day of photo shooting, inside the concept store, with the photographer Elisa Molteni who took Polaroid portraits of each of Clan's friends, capturing the spirit of contemporary women who travel the world and who feel comfortable anywhere wearing the SS24 Weili Zheng outfit.

The day was an opportunity for meetings and involvement of the Clan community in the world of Weili Zheng and in the concept store.

WEILI ZHENG - WANDERLUST WOMAN Clan_Upstairs_052.jpg Pola_04.jpg Clan_Upstairs_168.jpg Pola_41.jpg Pola_10.jpg Clan_Upstairs_091.jpg Clan_Upstairs_140.jpg Clan_Upstairs_109.jpg Pola_24.jpg pola_32.jpg Pola_49 copy.jpg Pola_07.jpg