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7-9 APRIL 2022


For the Spring/Summer 2022 season, Clan Upstairs presents a new Co-Lab project: Kristina Ti loves CLAN UPSTAIRS.


"Where the border no longer exists, where perhaps it never existed, this collection of UNISEX men’s shirts is present. Fashion is A free thought, it is communication and silence at the same time. With clothes we tell our stories. Fashion is the amplifier of our thoughts, of our personality",

- Cristina Tardito (Kristina Ti Creative Director)


UNISEX is a collection designed for everyone, to be worn with maximum freedom of interpretation: over a costume, short on a high waist jeans, all buttoned, all open, as an over coat over a dress up to the feet...

There are virtuous prints of dancing snakes and fierce stripes softened by ruffles. Embroidery of flowers ton sur ton and micro stripes illuminated by gender fluid embroidery.  

Clan Upstairs, iconic concept store that has always interpreted the concept of change and evolution, identifying itself with an authentic and alternative style, is the ideal retail container to tell the UNISEX concept.








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KRISTINA TI ♡ CLAN UPSTAIRS 5.jpg Kristina Ti loves Clan Upstairs_07.04.2022_8687.JPG 4.jpg Kristina Ti loves Clan Upstairs_07.04.2022_8491.JPG Kristina Ti loves Clan Upstairs_07.04.2022_Alberto Zanoletti_8073.JPG Kristina Ti loves Clan Upstairs_07.04.2022_Chiara Maci.jpg Kristina Ti loves Clan Upstairs_07.04.2022_Francesca Mapelli_Vera Arrivabene_8172.JPG Kristina Ti loves Clan Upstairs_07.04.2022_7742.jpeg Kristina Ti loves Clan Upstairs_07.04.2022_6721.jpg Kristina Ti loves Clan Upstairs_07.04.2022_Michela Gattermayer_8216.JPG 10.jpeg Kristina Ti loves Clan Upstairs_07.04.2022_Rosa Fanti_Chiara Maci_1851.jpeg Kristina Ti loves Clan Upstairs_07.04.2022_Olga Panova_987.jpg Kristina Ti loves Clan Upstairs_07.04.2022_Mariangela Monti_7572.JPG Kristina Ti loves Clan Upstairs_07.04.2022_Fabio Bisogno_Cristina Tardito_7592.jpg Kristina Ti loves Clan Upstairs_07.04.2022_Domenico Zambelli_7819.JPG Kristina Ti loves Clan Upstairs_07.04.2022_Elenoire Casalegno_1701.JPG Kristina Ti loves Clan Upstairs_07.04.2022_Vera Arrivabene_8345.jpeg Kristina Ti loves Clan Upstairs_07.04.2022_Sarah Spaak_Simona Miele_7961.jpeg Kristina Ti loves Clan Upstairs_07.04.2022_Nicolò Milella_Marta Donadi_8221.JPG Kristina Ti loves Clan Upstairs_07.04.2022_Francesca Aspesi_Cristina Tardito_8410.JPG IMG_8594.JPG