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Clan Upstairs Pietrasanta Summer Edition hosts events and cocktails where people from all over the world gathers to connect. Here they get to experience the nuanced and rich atmosphere of Pietrasanta’s creative scene while embracing the slowness of the Tuscan way of life.

The Clan Upstairs evenings are meant to inspire a sense of community and encouraging a moment to slow down, reflect and to be present. During the evenings guests experienced everything from live art to intimate music performances and fashion exhibitions.

The events have been visited by artists such as Leonardo Nencioli, who customized a TwinsBros surfboard, Piero Salvatori who played the cello and the brand Haikure who displayed their new sustainable denim collection.

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Event supporters:

Wine partner: @franciacorta

Design partner: @nomad_selection

Appliance partner: @smegitalia

Surfboard partner: @twinsbros


Art: @leonencio

Music: @pierosalvatori_

Fashion: @haikureofficial

Local contact: @piccolaire

@clanupstairs #clanupstairspietrasanta

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