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21 SEP 2019

CLAN UPSTAIRS meets PHILOSOPHY di Lorenzo Serafini

In occasion of Milan Fashion Week 2019 CLAN UPSTAIRS embarked on a new strategic path debuting with an exclusive area dedicated to the brand PHILOSOPHY di Lorenzo Serafini.

The Creative Director of PHILOSOPHY together with Fabio Bisogno and Sarah Spaak, owners of CLAN UPSTAIRS, transformed an area of the boutique creating the first Milanese home for PHILOSOPHY by imagining a space halfway between a dream closet and the living room of an apartment in the center of Milan.

At the opening cocktail event, in addition to the clothing and accessories collection, a selection of evening dresses was also presented; unique pieces inspired by the creations worn on the red carpet and sold exclusively at Milan Fashion Week. The evening was animated by a lively DJ set by Valentina Pegorer.

This new direction aims to create a greater synergy between the concept store and the companies, with the final goal to convey identities and values and establish a more direct relationship with customers.

CLAN UPSTAIRS meets PHILOSOPHY di Lorenzo Serafini 1_PHILOSOPHY_OPENING_21.09.2019.jpg 2_PHILOSOPHY_OPENING_21.09.2019.jpg 3_PHILOSOPHY_OPENING_21.09.2019.jpg 4_PHILOSOPHY_OPENING_21.09.2019.jpg 5_PHILOSOPHY_OPENING_21.09.2019.jpg 6_PHILOSOPHY_OPENING_21.09.2019.jpg 7_PHILOSOPHY_OPENING_21.09.2019.jpg 8_PHILOSOPHY_OPENING_21.09.2019.jpg 9_PHILOSOPHY_OPENING_21.09.2019.jpg 10_PHILOSOPHY_OPENING_21.09.2019.jpg 11_PHILOSOPHY_OPENING_21.09.2019.jpg 12_PHILOSOPHY_OPENING_21.09.2019.jpg 13_PHILOSOPHY_OPENING_21.09.2019.jpg 14_PHILOSOPHY_OPENING_21.09.2019_9.jpg 15_PHILOSOPHY_OPENING_21.09.2019.jpg