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21 SEP 2019

CLAN UPSTAIRS meets PHILOSOPHY di Lorenzo Serafini

During Milan Design Week 2019 CLAN UPSTAIRS hosted The Philosophy Oasis, a suggestive installation imagined by the designer Lorenzo Serafini together with the creative identity of the concept store. 

The area was customized using all the different design partnerships, including the international exclusive pieces of EraMood Design Gallery.

A cocktail party was hosted to inaugurate the project, with the special DJ set by Sara Bluma.

CLAN UPSTAIRS meets PHILOSOPHY di Lorenzo Serafini 1_PHILOSOPHY_OPENING_21.09.2019.jpg 2_PHILOSOPHY_OPENING_21.09.2019.jpg 3_PHILOSOPHY_OPENING_21.09.2019.jpg 4_PHILOSOPHY_OPENING_21.09.2019.jpg 5_PHILOSOPHY_OPENING_21.09.2019.jpg 6_PHILOSOPHY_OPENING_21.09.2019.jpg 7_PHILOSOPHY_OPENING_21.09.2019.jpg 8_PHILOSOPHY_OPENING_21.09.2019.jpg 9_PHILOSOPHY_OPENING_21.09.2019.jpg 10_PHILOSOPHY_OPENING_21.09.2019.jpg 11_PHILOSOPHY_OPENING_21.09.2019.jpg 12_PHILOSOPHY_OPENING_21.09.2019.jpg 13_PHILOSOPHY_OPENING_21.09.2019.jpg 14_PHILOSOPHY_OPENING_21.09.2019_9.jpg 15_PHILOSOPHY_OPENING_21.09.2019.jpg