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10 DEC 2019


During the Christmas season, CLAN UPSTAIRS hosted a special cocktail with the brand PHILOSOPHY di Lorenzo Serafini inside the exclusive area dedicated to the brand. 

The store was customized, for the occasion, with PHILOSOPHY's Christmas decorations and the event was made further unique by a Tombola game that involved all guests, who received some branded gifts. The Christmas scenario was supported by different design partnerships within the concept store, including the iconic contemporary pouf of Westwing. 

Exclusive catering by Cracco.

CLAN UPSTAIRS meets PHILOSOPHY Clan_Upstairs_Philosophy_Tombola_di_Natale_0.DSC95jpg.jpg Clan_Upstairs_Philosophy_Tombola_di_Natale_0.DSC944jpg.jpg Clan_Upstairs_Philosophy_Tombola_di_Natale_0.DSC957.jpg Clan_Upstairs_Philosophy_Tombola_di_Natale_0.DSC964.jpg Clan_Upstairs_Philosophy_Tombola_di_Natale_0.DSC967jpg.jpg Clan_Upstairs_Philosophy_Tombola_di_Natale_0.DSC969.jpg Clan_Upstairs_Philosophy_Tombola_di_Natale_0.DSC9409.jpg Clan_Upstairs_Philosophy_Tombola_di_Natale_0.DSC9473.jpg