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Some good inspirations from Milan Fashion Week 2022. 

Lifestyle trends land in Clan Upstairs with several special projects.

Let’s start with the exclusive preview of Sebago with Philosophy. Discover the classic Sebago’s loafers, reinterpreted by Lorenzo Serafini’s special view.

In-Store & online from February 2023.

 Let’s go on with a unique selection of the Campomaggi’s artisanal bags that tell the true story about made in Italy through their individual mark.

These handcrafted pieces were launched with a special window and a cocktail party.

Campomaggi means: "...don't hide the imperfections of my bags. I want them to be chosen because that's how they are: imperfect.” cit. Marco Campomaggi.

 We keep going with the introduction of the Amaranto’s first menswear collection. Clan selected bold colorful knitwear items and tailored oversized coats with an urban attitude. The perfect match between streetwear and high fashion.⁠ 







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CLAN UPSTAIRS - FASHION WEEK 2022 _MG_2957.jpg _MG_1830.jpg DSC02067.jpg Clan Upstairs meets Campomaggi_20.09.22_Timothy_Oulton_IMG_8818.JPG MWFCM.png 308467239_445640964054228_4921619597628479453_n 2.JPG DSC01998.jpg DSC02010.jpg DSC02329 2.jpg DSC02184.jpg DSC02292.jpg CLANUPSTAIRS MEETS CAMPOMAGGI_20.09.22_PATATASNANA_2.jpg DSC02247.JPG _MG_2710.jpg DSC02574.jpg Clan Upstairs meets Campomaggi_20.09.22_Montelvini_MG_3114_MG_2248.jpg DSC02118.jpg