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17-24 APRIL



For 2023, Clan Upstairs stepped into Milan Design Week bringing new concepts of creativity and innovative connections.

The concept store presented a special co-lab with Bonobolabo, a street art and skateboards reality founded by Marco Miccoli, that puts art at the forefront through collaborations with international artists and augmented reality graphics.

Fashion and art. Lifestyle and street art. Clan served as an exhibition space for the launch of a unique skateboard with a special graphic by the artist Maurits Cornelis Escher along with a limited edition of T-shirts realized with the same geometric print. In addition to this piece, the store showcased a series of different skateboards customized by multiple artists such as Veneziano, Marcantonio, Andrea Ravo Mattoni and Alvin.

Clan Upstairs also presented a “Scented Art Toys”, exquisite art objects born from the imagination of Japanese artist Rumiko Takeda, designed for the refined fragrance brand Mr&Mrs Fragrance and part of the NFT - Not Fake Art collection.

"The choice to host these realities confirms the constant experiential approach of the store consolidating the concept of lifestyle and retail to be lived, especially in the desire to create connections and make several generations dialogue together. A meeting place, where the historicity of Clan with its heritage of customers close to the art world, joins the more street world of the new generations" says Fabio Bisogno, Owner and Founder of Clan Upstairs.

For the occasion, the concept store was set up as an art gallery. An artistic space capable of making fashion dialogue with art. The display, featuring two special windows on Vicolo Fiori 2, was officially presented with a cocktail. During the evening  Collina delle Fate took over the bar area of the store, becoming the perfect wine partner serving a selection of wines to accompany gourmet chips from Patatas Nana.

During this week, Clan teamed up with Italian digital poets Come D’incanto, known for their modernity which conveys short-form yet emotional messages through handmade style statements and drawings. Using their creativity, they created an impactful statement which came to life on white posters on the store’s walls, which served as invitations to embrace Clan and its community.


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