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MAY 2021


Clan Upstairs proudly presents a new design co-lab dedicated to table settings for the Spring-Summer 2021 season, together with the designer Lars Christian Rank.

The Danish artist created an exclusive ceramic collection inspired by Scandinavian nature and Nordic colors, where each piece reflects the aesthetics of the Clan Upstairs soul.

The collection is composed of a series of unique pieces made by hand that are available in six different colors and shapes. They are a true expression of craftsmanship and sustainability designed to align with the soul of the Clan Upstairs concept store.

Find out more about Lars Christian Rank on IG: @larsrankkeramik

CLAN UPSTAIRS co-lab LARS RANK CLAN UPSTAIRS CO-LAB LARS RANK_1.jpg CLAN UPSTAIRS CO-LAB LARS RANK_2.jpg CLAN UPSTAIRS CO-LAB LARS RANK_3.jpg CLAN UPSTAIRS CO-LAB LARS RANK_4.jpg Clan Upstairs-Lars Christian Rank-Co-lab-Image group.jpg Special co-lab_Clan Upstairs meets Lars Rank Keramik_T0A6922 .jpg