An architectural Space of 600-square metre in the Brera District of Milan, is a place designed to embody the idea of multi-brand store, for men and for women, at the heart of the concept of continuous change and innovation in favour of the consumer.
Two floors. Nine shop windows.
Sharing. Fusion. Intuition. Evolution.
An evocative structure that aims to redefine the concept of beauty. Beauty within the beautiful, that is born from the intuition of the founder Fabio Bisogno to create a “unique” and personal space .
Clan captivates the lifestyle to the point of incarnating a place where people can meet and where there’s a comparison.
The evolution still going on, 25 years from the origin, with an upper floor.
Clan changes its skin, and the metamorphosis rests on the premise of the birth of Clan Upstairs.
A research concept store, an integral and complementary part of the brands it hosts experimentally. The leading actors are both established brands and new, emerging and still future names.
Intuition is at the base af the clan - personality and is responsible for the transformation od concept into a place where buyers can conduct their research.
Already a reference point for Italian purchases, it is gradually becoming an attraction for buyers and international clients.