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8 JULY 2023


Clan Upstairs meets MOODART - Special project

Clan is pleased to share the special project in collaboration with MOODART.

The students attending the master's program in Styling and Art Direction, under the guidance of raffaella campeggi, were given the task of creating some proposals for the contents of the official TikTok channel of Clan Upstairs.

Clan's desire was to give the students the opportunity to get involved and experience what they learned in the academic course, so that they could immerse themselves 360° in the working reality.

The students, after a few months in which they had the chances to get to know, experience and study the reality of Clan, created 6 video contents destined for publication on TikTok (@clanupstairs) during the month of August.

The partnership between Clan and MOODART is a project that aims to encourage and give voice to young people who demonstrate a strong creative attitude and passion towards the world of fashion.

Thanks to
raffaella campeggi
Guia Rossi
Vittoria Ruberto
And to all the students who partecipate at this project!
CLAN UPSTAIRS meets MOODART Schermata 2023-08-01 alle 11.54.22.png Schermata 2023-08-01 alle 11.54.49.png Schermata 2023-08-01 alle 11.55.16.png Schermata 2023-08-01 alle 11.56.08.png Schermata 2023-08-01 alle 11.56.43.png Schermata 2023-08-01 alle 11.57.02.png Schermata 2023-08-01 alle 11.57.13.png