June 2016

Clan Upstairs is a place designed to embody the idea of a multi-brand store, for men and women, at the heart of the concept of continuous change and innovation in favour of the consumer.

Clan is a place where people can meet and embrace each other, where they can compare ideas. Interpersonal relationships are fundamental to our understanding of another person, whoever he or she may be. 

Sharing. Fusion. Intuition. Evolution.

The strong point of Clan is sharing. 

So strong as to create the conditions, over time, for a change. 

Two floors. Nine shop windows. Café.

For a month now the location has been enriched by a new section: Café Clan. A resource eclectically positioned between clothes and installations as a symbol of the now recognised fusion between fashion, design and music. 

Cafè Clan offers refined cocktails from the Brazilian-born bartender Edi Maronez , genius for his unconventional creations. 

The Clan’ s spirit is translated in the drinks world through unusual creations and combinations done by Edi that managed to upsetting the classic recipes and found a new combinations of ingredients, like spices and fruit, an example ?

Black grapes, black pepper and rosemary.

Fresh mint, homemade Honey and fresh wasabi.

These are some secrets elements of Edi .

The exploration in the drink world has added another innovative component in the way of life of Clan..

See you for a drink!